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Circus Performers Juggle Locations to Keep Flying


By Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll – August 2, 2023

WELLFLEET — A live scarecrow tumbles, sways, and hangs — precarious and loose-limbed — high above a field. Farmhands wildly flip ears of corn as crops “multiply.” A unicycle seems to till soil, red scarves become a barn fire’s flames, animal puppets dance.

Send In the Cowboys

PROVINCETOWN INDEPENDENT- Saddle Up! is sure to please young and old

By Cam Blair – July 28, 2021

Gym Class Takeover: Truro Central School

The Payomet Cirque by the Sea squad, including professional performers and instructors Teddy Ment, Eleanor Getz, Trevor Pearson and Georgie Johnson, were invited for a gym class take-over at Truro Central School, and by the looks of it– the students (and teachers!) had a blast practicing with the Cirque team. One of the beautiful things about circus and young people, is that not only does the training challenge their physical abilities, it also builds confidence. We can't wait to be invited back!

Payomet’s magical Halloween tale unfolds in the sky

CAPE COD TIMES– Payomet Cirque by the Sea’s Halloween production combines story and pantomime with dance, tumbling, aerialist and trapeze tricks, and sleight of hand.

By Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll - October 22, 2020 

Running away to join the circus in Truro - for exercise

Photo by Merrily Cassidy / Cape Cod Times

CAPE COD TIMES  - When I spoke to the folks at Payomet in Truro about attending the morning exercise classes I mentioned I was a regular walker but not a flyer. 

Performing in a Pandemic Requires Improvisation

Cirque by the Sea's Drive-In Live at the Payomet Ball Field

PROVINCETOWN INDEPENDENT - Inseparable performers work a socially distant stage

By Jospehine De La Bruyére and Olivia Weeks - Aug 20, 2020

Circus arts in ballfield bring back August childhood memories

Wicked Local review of Cirque by the Sea's "Sandman"

PROVICNETOWN BANNER - North Truro’s Payomet Performing Arts Center tries out circus without the big tent.
By Susan Blood, Banner Correspondent

Live Cirque Tiny Tent Event: Trevor the Juggler

EVENT LOCATION: In your home via Facebook Live...FREE!
Thursday, June 18 // 7:00pm EST
Live streaming free on our Facebook page:

Cirque Video Performance: "A Day in the Life of a Quarantined Artist"

Payomet presents an original video co-created by our Cirque by the Sea star aerialist Gabrielle "Teddy" Ment and jazz pianist Roberto Acosta. This ethereal piece integrates a gorgeous aerial performance with a wonderful, heartfelt piano solo to create a beautiful narrative of enduring separation in this time of Covid distancing. 

Two artists separated by the pandemic feel sentimental for the past (and each other)...Is she really there, or is he dreaming her?

Payomet introduces virtual “Tiny Tent” events

Payomet Introducing Tiny Tent EventsVocal Jazz performance and Virtual Juggling Class to kick off the new series

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Posted Apr 18, 2020 at 2:34 PM