Yael Deckelbaum & Prayer of the Mothers Ensemble

Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 8pm
“For 12 years, I dreamed of Israeli and Palestinian women marching together, and I was ready to give my music for the cause.” 
-Yael Deckelbaum
Yael Deckelbaum and her band rock... and more than that, they've been electrifying the woman’s movement for peace throughout their international tour.  Her folk/rock ensemble, the Prayers of the Mothers, was inspired by the Women Wage Peace movement.  Whether they are singing in English, Arabic or Hebrew, their music translates to a celebration of women, activism and breaking down boundaries in order to build a better world.  Yael who is sometimes called the “Joan Baez of Israel,” is an award-winning Israeli/Canadian singer-songwriter, activist and founding member of the legendary trio Habanot Nechama who fall somewhere between Heart and The Bangles.
Yael has performed on the same stage with Sir George Martin, Suzanne Vega, Bobby McFerrin, Chris Cornell, Livingston Taylor, Tom Chaplin and Matisyahu. Three of her songs have been featured on the internationally acclaimed “The L Word” TV series on Showtime.
Yael’s song “Prayer of The Mothers” became the anthem of the March of Hope – a group of 4,000 Palestinian and Israeli women who marched through the desert in a call for peace. A music video of this historic moment went viral with over 4 million views – and now you can see them perform “Prayer of the Mothers” and more live in North Truro!

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Prayer of the Mothers - Yael Deckelbaum

Yael Deckelbaum & The Mothers - Take Me Home (Live feat. Aveva Dese)