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Throughout the Summer
CircusCape presents Fun Family Fridays, Super Saturdays, and more! 

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Amazing learning opportunities for Adults, Kids, Families, Duos, and just about everyone throughout the summer of 2018.
All Workshops $12 unless otherwise noted.
Call 508-349-2929 to register. Spaces limited.
Family Circus Workshop 
with Marci Diamond 
Fri. 7/13     10-11:30am at Payomet Tent
For families with children ages 6 to 12, the Family Circus Workshop is for families who want to have fun trying Circus and Aerial Arts together! This 90 minute class is limited to 10 people, and offers a fun, safe, family bonding experience through circus arts. You’ll work together as a family in learning and practicing basic skills in: acrobatics, including weight sharing and simple human pyramid(s);  juggling/object manipulation; and aerial arts like static trapeze! No prior circus, aerial or fitness experience is required, though if you do have some experience, and want to come play and support other family members who haven’t had that chance yet: please feel free to join us! At least one adult is expected to participate per family unit. 
-Limited to 10 people. 

 Adult Aerials “Taster” Class 
with Marci Diamond
Fri. 7/13    noon-1pm   at Payomet Tent
For Adults 18+ who want to try silks and static trapeze. No experience is necessary, but you should be able to comfortably support your own weight when holding a pull up bar (don’t worry if you can’t do pull-ups…yet!). And if you have done aerials before, we will gear instruction to your level. 
-limited to 8 people.
 Parent and Child Partner Acro
With Edgar Ortiz
Fri. 7/20, 10-10:45am   at Payomet Tent
Come learn different partner acrobatic poses while also being your little ones new favorite jungle gym! This interactive class will help you connect with your little one through balance and trust.  This class is great for parents and their children over 2 years of age. Please no more than 2 children per parent. No experience necessary. 
 Partner Acro Conditioning Circuit 
With Edgar Ortiz
Fri. 7/20, 11-11:45am   at Payomet Tent
Looking to get fit in a fun and exciting way? Grab a workout buddy and use them to help get you fit and active. Learn different partnering exercises that will help you strengthen your core, better your balance and get a full body workout. Be comfortable doing crunches, pushups and squats. 

 Intro to Partner Acrobatics
With Edgar Ortiz
Fri. 7/20    12-1pm    at Payomet Tent
Come use balance and weight sharing to learn basing, flying and spotting! This group class will allow you to learn different aspects of partner acrobatics’ most exciting and accessible poses! Show up with a friend, a partner or come solo! No experience necessary. 
 Graphic Manipulation with Hoops  
with Alexandre Pich      cost:    $30
Mon. 7/23   10am-2:30pm   at Payomet Tent
Our special guest from France will teach the accessible yet magical looking techniques that form the foundation of his style of hoop manipulation.  This longer and more in-depth of Alexandre's 2 workshops is meant for those with some experience in object manipulation, whether that be hoops, juggling, magic, etc.    Come learn from a master!
 Intro to Graphic Manipulation with Hoops  
with Alexandre Pich      cost:    $30
Tues. 7/23   3-6pm   at Payomet Campus.  Come to tent and we'll direct you.
Our special guest from France will teach the accessible yet magical looking techniques that form the foundation of his style of hoop manipulation.  No experience necessary.  Come learn from a master!   For anyone ages 8+
 Intro to Hat manipulation 
with Trevor Pearson
Fri. 7/27,    1-2:20pm     at Payomet Tent
Learn foundational techniques for hat manipulation... great for use in dance, theater, magic, and more!  As they can also be useful for costuming, warmth, and sun protection, hats are very practical and portable props for object manipulation, making them an easy thing to keep around for practice and casual play.  Class will explore grips, body rolls, flips, flourishes, throws, and more.  Purchase includes digital access to class notes and technique videos to help you retain and build on what you learn. Clean hats will be available for student use, but bring your own if you want!   open to age 9+  no experience necessary.
 Juggling Friends and Family
with Trevor Pearson
Fri. 7/27,   2:30-4pm     at Payomet Tent
This class will explore the social side of juggling and object manipulation through fun partner and group activities.  No prior juggling experience required.  Great for friends, couples, families, multigenerational bonding, and team-building. These exercises are also good for neurological stimulation and brain growth, stress relief, coordination building, and self-confidence.  All materials will be provided.  open to age  8+   no prerequisites.
 Puppets Play for Everyone 
with Aubrey Clinedinst 
Sat. 7/21 10am-noon  at Payomet Tent
Fri. 7/28  10am-noon  on Payomet Campus. Come to tent and we can direct you
Sat. 8/18  10am-noon  at Payomet Tent
for all ages…
1 hour puppet build:  This can be building a simple sock, bag, or rod puppet with provided materials, OR if people have their own puppets and need help or to brainstorm, they may use this time for that as well. This first half is optional if you already have a puppet 
1 hour puppet jam:  Using a playboard and puppet stage, participants can play with and devise for their puppets using music, stories, and other fun techniques, while keeping in mind the question, why puppet? 
Cost includes materials 
 Aerial and Ground Partnering 
with Teddy & Eleanor
Fri 8/3    10am-noon   at Payomet Tent
Age: Adults and Teens 14+
Prerequisites: 1+ pull up, ability to invert, knee hang. 
Max enrollment: 12
In this 2-hour introduction course, you will learn the fundamentals of circus partnering, weight sharing, and counter balance on the ground. Then we’ll take it to the air and you’ll learn to fly with a friend on the trapeze and aerial hoop, also known as the Lyra. 
 Basic mask work 
with Aubrey Clinedinst, 
Sat. 8/4, 
10-11am:   Part 1 for Adults AND Adults with Kids 8+
11-1pm:      Part 2 for Adults only
  -1st Part (1 hr), working on basic character creation using colors, animals, and letters; using the concept of mask shot; and servant/master dynamics  
- 2nd Part (2hrs), working more on specific Commedia dell’Arte character types and creations, going through different body placements and motivations, basic lazzi and cannovacci (gags and scenes) 
 Clown for Adults/Teens
with Aubrey Clinedinst
Fri. 8/10     10am-noon    at Payomet Tent
For Teens and Adults 18+
A companion class to the clown and comedy youth at our circus camp are learning, but for their older siblings/adults and other adults in the community. Looking at basic principles of red nose clown with some fun exercises to reawaken a sense of play that leads to great innovations in all fields. 
 Rhythm, Space and Character
with guest artist Bronwyn Sims      cost: $30
Fri. 8/17     10am-2:30pm     at Payomet Tent
In this workshop for all adults 18+, students will explore the fundamental building blocks of theatre through the Lecoq technique. We will work on rhythm and space, two fundamental aspects of the journey. We will play games and find the jeu! ( play) in all aspects of what we create on stage. There will be time spent exploring the work of animals, colors, and elements used to create meaningful characters on stage. This work trains students to develop a heightened presence, a deep awareness of the demands of the stage, and an ability to create new worlds onstage by connecting the body, breath, and gaze. Please come prepared to move in movement clothing. It is preferred to wear neutral based color clothing, preferably black, but grey and or blue is also acceptable (no logos or other colors please). 
minimum 5/maximum 15 participants, for Adults 18+
 The Art of Applying and Auditioning / Creating Career Paths in Circus & Related Performing Arts 
with Marci Diamond     cost: $30
Fri 8/24, 10- noon at Payomet Tent
There are a wide range of career paths for the aspiring professional circus/performing artist, and in this workshop, we will explore some possible steps toward those dreams, as well as practical, effective approaches to applications and auditions. Applying and Auditioning for professional training programs (from short-term intensive workshops to 3 year professional training programs and university B.F.A. degrees) in circus and related performing arts, as well as for professional performance opportunities, can be a successful adventure of personal & professional growth, learning, and network-building. And it can be done with less stress than you may think! Come discuss tips for maximizing your opportunities while taking care of yourself/your student/child. Practice your "asks and intros" with the director of the small youth circus troupe, a professional circus performer and union actor herself, who has mentored her own daughter along with many other students - and their parents - through their early applications & auditions for circus & related professional performance & training programs, with many success stories (Ecole Cirque du Quebec, Circus Smirkus Tour, Pippin National Tour, founding/performing with CirqueUs, etc). Open to Youth through age 22 with interest in professional performing training programs and/or performing professionally AND/OR parent(s)/guardian(s). 

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