Maceo Parker

Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 8pm


"Quite simply, there is no better living showman than Maceo Parker. His performances are never disappointing, always worth the money, and a funky, funky good time". -- Westword 
"If anyone wasn't dancing at this show they were either dead or outside having sex. Wow. I had never seen people dance on the bar before, but I sure hope to see it again." -- Austin Chronicle 
Maceo Parker: his name is synonymous with Funky Music, his pedigree impeccable; his band: the tightest little funk orchestra on earth. Maceo has played with each and every leader of funk -  from his start with James Brown, to jumping aboard the Mothership with George Clinton, to his Prince's tours. 
Maceo is now THE leading disciple of funk and heir to the throne of James Brown, and serves up one of the most exciting live music shows to be seen on Planet Earth today.  Get your tickets in advance... this show is sure to sell out!

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Maceo Parker - Shake everything you've got

Maceo Parker - Gimme Some More