Joan Osborne Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan

Sat, Dec 22, 7pm at Tilden Arts Center in Barnstable
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"Sexy and sassy, rough and ragged. As a singer, Joan Osborne has one of those voices." -Popmatters
"... a remarkable evening showcasing Osborne’s versatility as both a dynamic singer/songwriter and a sensational song interpreter..." -The Binge
Payomet and Cotuit Center for the Arts are teaming up this holiday season to present the songs and works of Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan, as sung and interpreted by one of the great vocalists of our time, Joan Osborne, as she Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan, at Tilden Arts Center in West Barnstable.
On her latest album Songs of Bob Dylan, Joan unleashes her sizable gifts as a vocalist and interpreter upon The Bard’s celebrated canon, as the seven-time Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter, whom The New York Times has called “a fiercely intelligent, no-nonsense singer,” winds her supple, soulful voice around Dylan’s poetic, evocative lyrics, etching gleaming new facets in them along the way. 
“I try not to do a straight-up imitation of what someone else has done,” Osborne says. “Like if you're going to sing an Otis Redding song, you're never going to out-Otis him so you shouldn't even try. So I always try to find some unique way into the song, and also to pick songs where the intersection between the song and my voice hits some kind of sweet spot. It was a joy being able to sing these brilliant lyrics. It's like an actor being given a great part. You are just so excited to say these lines because they're so powerful that it lifts you up above yourself.”
Joan has rightfully earned a reputation as one of the great voices of her generation -- both a commanding, passionate performer and a frank, emotionally evocative songwriter. A multi-platinum selling recording artist, the soulful vocalist is a highly sought-after collaborator and guest performer who has performed alongside many notable artists, including Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Luciano Pavarotti, Emmylou Harris, Taj Mahal, and Mavis Staples, to name a few.
Co-presented by Payomet Performing Arts Center and Cotuit Center for the Arts. The concert location is Tilden Arts Center in West Barnstable. 

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