Hoop Manipulation Workshops with Alexandre Pich

Workshops on Monday, 7/23 and Tuesday 7/24
Hoop Manipulation Workshops with Alexandre Pich 
Our special guest from France will teach the accessible yet magical looking techniques and motions that form the foundation of his style of hoop manipulation. Graphic manipulation is the art of drawing in space, with object and body, shapes, trajectories and mechanisms. Participants will come to understand antispin theory, which allows one to seek out the infinity of motions and combinations of movements of spinning objects. Everyone will be given the necessary tools to improvise and progress independently. 
Pich has been working on the exploration of manipulation and movement of balls, hoops and batons for almost 20 years. From his research, he has created cabaret numbers, a popular science show for children, manipulation conferences and some living art installations. He is the instigator of the collective Piryokopi which created the 8 hands manipulation show "très très très". Pich regularly teaches graphic manipulation with geometrical objects at all levels, from circus schools (Academie Fratellini, Paris) to novice workshops around the world (Japan, Mexico, Europe). Come learn from a master!
Graphic Manipulation with Hoops  
Mon. 7/23 - 10am-2:30pm at Payomet Tent     Cost: $30 per workshop
This longer and more in-depth of Pich's 2 workshops is meant for those with some experience in object manipulation, whether that be hoops, juggling, magic, sports, etc. 
Intro to Graphic Manipulation with Hoops     Cost: $30 per workshop
Tues. 7/24 - 3pm-6pm at Payomet Campus. Come to tent and we'll direct you.
No experience necessary for this workshop. For anyone ages 8+        


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