The English Beat

Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 8:30PM
Get ready for a night of reggae, soul, rocksteady, ska and pop as the legendary English Beat return to the Payomet tent for the third time!
“If you are lucky enough for them to come to your town, you don’t have much choice not to go. Missing this band is like missing a piece of history. Consider them a can’t-miss act!” –Rock Revolt Magazine
“[Dave Wakeling] has assembled an incredible band and is playing his hits with the same raucous enthusiasm that made The English Beat one of the biggest acts of the New Wave Era." –SLO New Times
“English Beat were one of the leading lights of the British 2-tone/ska movement of the ‘80s; their politically charged protest songs and smartly observed, saccharine-free love songs still hold up magnificently today.” –Los Angeles Times
Founded in Birmingham, England in 1978, The English Beat fuses ska, pop, soul, reggae and punk rock creating an infectious dance groove to carry their lyrics dealing with themes of love, racial unity and sociopolitical topics.


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The English Beat- Tears Of A Clown (Top of the Pops, Broadcast Jan 3rd, 1980)

The English Beat - Save it for Later - 8/8/2015

The English Beat - "Mirror In The Bathroom"

The English Beat - Ranking Full Stop (Live at US Festival 5/28/1983)