Deadgrass - Celebrating the music of Jerry Garcia

Friday, August 9, 2019 at 8pm
"Deadgrass’ high energy and melodic bluegrass take on the Grateful Dead is refreshing and fun..."
Come experience something new, something fresh... and something very dead! Multi-instrumentalist Matt Turk and Grammy award winner C Lanzbom joined forces to form Deadgrass. Don't miss this great string band’s LIVE! electrifying bluegrass celebration of Jerry Garcia’s musical world that has been thrilling audiences all along the East coast. Bassist Dave Richards, banjo player Russell Gottlieb and fiddler Michael Barrett Donovan complete this fine group of seasoned pros exploring the life works of Jerry Garcia on the instruments that first inspired him from his earliest Jug Band days through Old & In the Way, The Jerry Garcia Band and, of course, The Grateful Dead.

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