Aimee Mann

Tuesday, July 9 at 8:00PM
"...Aimee Mann has remained one of the most talented songwriters of the last twenty years, balancing a unique medley of achingly poignant songcraft with bright, immediate melodies and a voice that rivals the best that have come before her in terms of emotion and restraint." -Be In The Loop Chicago
"Mann’s career has enabled her to reach anywhere in her catalogue and find a song anchored by her tender vocals and immaculate ability to tell a story in the space of minutes." -SF Weekly
"The Grammy win recognizes Mann’s gift for merging her story-telling gifts with tunes that are delightfully impossible to get out of your head..." -Hot Flash
“one of the finest songwriters of her generation” –New York Times
After several albums with 'Til Tuesday, Mann began her solo career in 1993 with the album Whatever and made a name for herself through her independent success and the founding of her record label, SuperEgo Records. In addition to her solo albums, she has appeared on many film soundtracks, most notably the song score for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, with “Save Me” landing her Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Song.
Aimee Mann’s album 'Mental Illness', her first in five years, was released on March 31 via her own SuperEgo Records. The record follows 2012’s Charmer, which Rolling Stone proclaimed “shows off the more pop-oriented side to her usual acoustic tendencies.” With this follow-up, she returns to a more musically soft-spoken but still lyrically barbed approach, as heard in the album’s lead single, “Goose Snow Cone”.
Special guest Jonathan Coulton:

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