Young People Thrive at Payomet's Circus Camp

Spin, Swing, Twirl, Leap, Fly


Season 7 at the Payomet Circus Camp

Circus CampTRURO — Where could you go to get a full-body workout, improve your concentration, build self-esteem, and learn how to collaborate better? At the summer circus camp at the Payomet Center for the Performing Arts, young people work hard to gain those skills. But if you ask them, they’ll tell you they’re just having fun.

The camp just wrapped up its seventh season under the tent at the Highlands Center in North Truro. Campers ages 7 to 14 learned aerial arts, trapeze skills, and juggling, all under the watchful eyes of accomplished performers.

“The kids fall in love with it because it seems unachievable at first, and then they’re doing it,” said Eleanor Getz, co-artistic director of the Spoke Movement Ensemble of Fort Collins, Colo., who’s been teaching at the camp for five years. “It’s both fun and difficult, with immediate feedback. You suck at first, but then you get it.”

The circus camp develops both discipline and creativity. Payomet provides scholarships to any family who needs help with the tuition. It’s a small part of Payomet’s programming, said artistic director Kevin Rice, “but one of its most important.” When you see these young people spin, twirl, leap, fly, and smile, you understand why.