Seth Rolbein: Payomet Spotlight Questionnaire

Sett Rolbein in Payomet's Spotlight Questionnaire

Each and every one of our fifteen board members has a deep love of Cape Cod, concern for the environment, and a crazy passion for Music, Circus and the Arts. They combine all of their impressive professional skills, time and energy to create a wellspring of knowledge that fuels the synergy that is Payomet.

We asked each Board Member a few questions to get at their favorite music memories plus what they love best about Payomet and living on the outer Cape– meet them here in our Payomet Spotlight Questionnaire.

A few more fun facts about Seth:

Seth's work and interests have taken him to every corner of the world – from Cuba to Siberia, Africa, Vietnam and back. He's a communicator of the first degree – a published author who has written two books and produced several publications as well as many documentaries. Longing to experience island culture, he built a little shanty on a beach in Jamaica with his own hands...Seth can hang out with gusto! He is the fearless leader of our board and his contribution is unmatched.