Dennis Cunningham Videos: Infected and Post-Infection Syndrome

The two films by local favorite Dennis Cunningham presented here form natural bookends to the raging conversation and controversial subject of "outsiders," the OTHERS, fleeing a plague ("Infection") and invading ANOTHER'S home seeking refuge and succor. We take no sides; we simply welcome the opportunity to celebrate Dennis as one of the great creative spirits residing in our beloved Wellfleet.

Dennis Cunningham is a prominent actor and filmmaker living in Wellfleet. His frequent appearances on the boards of the Harbor Stage in recent years have garnered him positive reviews and even more local attention.  Since these films are being screened during what has been designated as National Nurses Week, it's fitting to note that Dennis is a semi-retired nurse who still manages to go to the mountains of Guatemala every winter and volunteer there with a mobile Medical Station for two weeks.  Dennis's series of short satirical comedy films, The Consultant, has been shown widely on the Cape including a recent screening at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater.