Critics say you should see Under the Radar. Here's why.

CAPE COD TIMES – "Under the Radar" is Cape Cod's only Pre-Beach Theater Project showing at 10:30am, Wednesday-Sunday through September 5.

By Kathi Scrizzi Driscoll – August 22, 2021Payomet - Live music, circus and theater on Cape Cod

Written by: Kevin Rice for Payomet Performing Arts Center, where he is executive director 

What it's about: Described as a “historical comedy,” the interactive show is set at the arrival of new airmen (the audience) about to begin a 12-month tour of duty in June 1969 with the 762nd Air Force Radar Squadron. Payomet is part of the Highlands Center inside the Cape Cod National Seashore at the former North Truro air base, where the action is set.

See it or not? You will learn local history you likely never realized in a completely entertaining, and often very funny, way. The Truro base was key to defense against the “Commies” in its day, and might it really have been one of the first targets in a Russian nuclear attack? Chilling.

Payomet - Live music, circus and theater on Cape CodHighlight of the show: The three-person cast is outstanding, with Robin Bloodworth as a very funny not-quite-all-there Major Tom Cole, Shabazz Green as savvy Sgt. Echol “Echo” Walker and Paige O’Connor as well-prepared and newly arrived Airwoman Freed. Rice’s clever dialogue is full of facts, quips and asides and is fast-moving under Daisy Walker’s adept direction, but these three make it seem effortless to keep up with it all and make it real.

Fun fact: This hourlong world premiere is part of Payomet’s new humanities series, “Remembrances of the North Truro Radar Station,” curated by Dan Lombardo and inspired by the arts center’s military past. Future plans include films and author talks.

Worth noting: While the first part of this orientation takes place inside Payomet’s tent, audience members are brought outside to get a look at base buildings and what they were used for. Be ready to participate in marching songs!

One more thing: J Hagenbuckle’s sound design adds to the immersive feeling, particularly when put through the system usually used for big in-tent concerts. Sound effects also, though, ingeniously travel as the audience does.

If you go: 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays through Sundays through Sept. 5 at Payomet Performing Arts Center, 29 Old Dewline Road, North Truro; $25 and $30, with discounts available;, 508-487-5400. Masks are required. 

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Payomet - Live music, circus and theater on Cape CodPayomet - Live music, circus and theater on Cape CodPayomet - Live music, circus and theater on Cape Cod