The Mosquito Storyslam! | Payomet Performing Arts Center

The Mosquito Storyslam!

Mon, Aug 20 - 7:00pm Sign-up • 7:30pm Show
The Mosquito Storyslam!
The Mosquito Smackdown Finale is a combination of some of this season's best storytellers, as well as some new stories from our audience. Mosquito stories are 5-minute true stories based on a theme. They are told, not read - no notes or props allowed! Ten storytellers will be pulled at random during the show. We find that successful stories connect strongly to the theme, have a sense of urgency or suspense and a great opening and closing line! Storyteller tips: practice in your car or on a jog, and record onto your phone for timing!
Time: 7:00PM Sign-up • 7:30PM Show
Tickets: $12 at the door
Theme: TORN – Decisions, decisions. Remember the time your mixed feelings forced you to make that impossible decision? Or when you were torn apart from that special person? How about the tear you got in your jeans on that fateful first date?
Format may vary. All welcome. Some adult language likely.


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