Iberi Georgian Choir

Sunday, July 22 at 7:30PM
Please join us for this free event!
Georgian melodies, harmonies that have echoed for centuries ring on and find new life in the rich voices of Iberi. The six-person vocal and instrumental ensemble channels Georgia’s multitude of sounds, exploring the emotional potential of age-old polyphony and traditional instruments. These are songs so beautiful, they were launched into space on Voyager 2’s golden record and declared an intangible cultural treasure by UNESCO.
Much like skilled jazz players, Iberi are passionate about an often forgotten traditional approach to improvisation as a way to uncover new aspects and colors in well-loved pieces. “In Georgian traditional singing, there is a lot of space and possibility to improvise,” commented lifelong Georgian singer and choir member, Bidzina Murgulia. “In Iberi, we often do our own interpretation of songs by mixing diverse versions of one song and adding our own touch.”
Part of that touch can be felt when the group takes the stage. Iberi opens up Georgia and its songs to the world, bringing their vitality to festivals and concert venues around the globe.


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Iberi - Harira, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2014